The Trust will establish the highest educational standards in our schools. We believe strongly in the value of comprehensive education and we are committed to the belief that all children should receive an outstanding education regardless of ability, prior attainment or background.

Certain values underpin the work of Trust and are non-negotiable. Firstly, we insist that all of our schools are comprehensive and focussed on the achievement of every child. Secondly, we ensure that our schools are inclusive and welcoming particularly to children who have specific barriers to learning. Thirdly, we value the contribution of our teachers and support staff because they are our most prized asset and we will always look to establish close working relationships with our parents and families.

Our Mission Statement

The Balcarras Trust is committed to delivering outstanding inclusive, comprehensive education in each of its schools. Every child within the Trust will be expected, encouraged and supported to reach their full potential and, when they leave school, to be fully equipped to go on to be successful in the next phase of their lives.

The Trust will establish and maintain high standards of teaching, pastoral care and behaviour in its schools. No child will be “left behind.” There will be excellent opportunities for extra-curricular activities.

Each member of staff in the Trust’s schools will be an excellent role model and will play their part in ensuring that each of the Trust’s schools will have its own special ethos. Students will feel proud of their school.

The Trustees will, at all times, uphold the highest standards of financial propriety and make efficient and appropriate use of the public money made available to them.

Underpinning all the activities in the Trust is the belief that, however strong the performance of the Trust’s schools may be, there is always room for improvement. Everyone associated with the Trust, the trustees, governors, school leaders, staff and pupils will share this aspiration.

The Balcarras Trust is committed to its role as a ‘system leader’ in the wider educational environment. The Trust oversees the GLOW Maths Hub and the Balcarras Teaching School Partnership, both of which are leading providers of Continuing Professional Development for educators.