Strategic Plan

The Trust came into existence on 1st December 2020. The Trustees decided to create a 3  year development plan which would be formally reviewed and amended once per year, with a final review in the autumn of 2023. At that point the Trust will begin a new development plan cycle. 

The initial development plan focuses on the following strategic goals: 

  • Establishing the day-to-day operations of the Trust particularly in discharging its key statutory functions 
  • Careful and strategic management of the Trust’s finances 
  • Creation of a brand-new secondary school for Cheltenham—The High School Leckhampton 
  • Sustainably growing the Trust so that capacity is added as more schools join 
  • Continuing to ensure that our schools are committed to professional development and are outward facing. The Trust will continue to prioritise the work of GLOW Maths and The Balcarras Teaching School Hub 

Below you will find the latest version of The Trust Development Plan. This is a working document and contains all of the original objectives set out in December 2020 whilst also containing new development goals as they have emerged.