Key Documents/Financial Information

The Chief Financial Officer of The Trust is Tom Cadogan. The Accounting Officer is Dominic Burke (CEO) The Trust's Finance, Audit and Risk Committee is chaired by Peter Horne and meets at least 5 times per year.

All of the key documents relating to the governance of the Trust including our Scheme of Governance and Annual Reports are listed here. The diagram below offers a simplified version of the Trust’s Governance Structure: 


The Trustees have a number of duties and responsibilities relating to the management of the Academy Trust and its finances. In summary, the Trustees are responsible for:

• establishing the vision, mission, strategic direction and values for the Academy Trust;

· Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, including the performance management of staff;

• carrying on the Academy Trust in accordance with the objects of the Academy Trust as set out in the Articles and safeguarding the assets of the Academy Trust;

• designing strategy and structure for the operation of the Academy Trust;

• the delegation of running the Academies and directing the education, pastoral care, financial and other policies of the Academies CEO in accordance with the Articles, the Funding Agreements (including the Handbook) and the decision making matrix;

• ensuring sound management and administration of the Academy Trust, and ensuring that managers are equipped with the relevant skills and guidance;

• financial controls and the financial management of the Academy Trust in accordance with the provisions of the Handbook, which sets out in detail provisions for the financial management of each Academy including guidance on financial systems and controls and accounting and reporting requirements;

• setting standards of conduct and values, monitoring performance and the achievement of objectives, and ensuring that plans for improvement are acted upon;

• risk management, that is identifying, quantifying and devising systems to minimise the major risks affecting the Academy Trust;

• agreeing a procedure for whistleblowing, ensuring that all staff are aware of the whistleblowing procedure, ensuring that there is one Trustee and one member of staff nominated as the contact to which concerns can be raised and that any concerns which have been raised are responded to properly and fairly; and

• ensuring the Academy Trust and the Academies are conducted in compliance with the general law.