Balcarras Trust is committed to the safeguarding of all students in the Trust.

The welfare and safety of all students are paramount. The Trust is fully committed to ensuring that consistent safeguarding procedures are in place in all the schools in Balcarras Trust. To that end, Balcarras Trust will ensure that all schools in The Trust take the following actions:

1. Have a thorough Safeguarding Policy and Child Protection Policy* in place, that are up to date and reviewed regularly.

*These can be separate or in one document

2. All staff are trained regularly in line with the most up to date guidance. All staff are aware of their responsibilities to safeguarding students. All staff know who the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is at their school and follow the school’s procedures for reporting and upholding the safeguarding of students.

3. There is a designated governor with responsibility for Safeguarding at every school. Governors are regularly trained and understand the latest safeguarding

guidance. Governors ensure that each school is monitored carefully with their safeguarding procedures and practices.

4. Governors are annually appraised of the safeguarding outcomes at their school. Governors are well informed about the issues and consequences of safeguarding

incidents that have occurred in the last 12 months at their school.

5. There is a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and also a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) who are regularly trained on the most up to date

legislation, in line with national recommendations. The DSL and DDSL at each school understand fully their duties and regularly champion the importance of

safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all students at their school.

The Balcarras Trust is a secure and welcoming place for all students. When students feel safe and supported, they are able to achieve their best: academically, socially and physically. Safeguarding underpins all that we do at Balcarras Trust, and our commitment to the children and young people in our care is the foundation to all the successes achieved by students.

Confirmation of our Designated Safeguarding Leads Team for 2022-23

The High School Leckhampton
DSL Alice O’Riordan
DDSL Helen Wood

Safeguarding Governor: Sarah Haden

Balcarras School

DSL Liza McCarthy
DDSL Adrienne Niblett
DDSL Siobhan Winterbottom
DDSL Will Rothwell
Safeguarding Governor: Laura Williams

Winchcombe School
DSL Parin Gohill
DDSL Rachel Peters

Safeguarding Governor: Valerie Udale

The Balcarras Trust's Safeguarding Trustee is Mike Huysinga


Click here to see the Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy for the High School Leckhampton.

Click here to see the Child Protection Policy & Safeguarding Policy for Balcarras School.

Click here to see the Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy for Winchcombe School.